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Orlando website design experts and other professionals have been saying that in this day and age it’s key to put up a community – a core group of people who not only eagerly await the latest news from you, but who also sing your praises to people they know. Doing so, of course, requires good content, which is no less than foundational to community-building efforts.

The aforementioned is far from new. But what if, as is the case with many nowadays, money is tight and resources hard to come by? Big, well-funded outfits have the resources to hire good writers to write for them on a daily basis. How can smaller organizations make do with less?

There are ways to work around these budgetary/resource limitations – as a matter of fact, some of these tactics might even prove more successful than better-funded efforts. Here’s what you can do to generate good content without needing to spend tons or take up too much of your own precious time.

First, are you already aware of what sort of content is popular with your target audience? Very few people are fine with acres and acres of text; perhaps if you mixed in pictures, video and the like, you’d make your content more interesting.

    • You need to conduct research to find out not only what your readers like, but what’s already out there and how your readers are and aren’t yet being served. Tools such as Topsy and Pinterest can be excellent at finding these things out.
    • Or you could simply ask your readership questions – “What would you like me to feature next?” – and maybe dovetail these with promotional offers to entice people to respond.

Once you’ve done so, have a look at some initiatives you can undertake by making use of what you already have or what already exists.

    • Content you’ve already generated in the past can be repurposed or transformed into content like infographics. If, for instance, you’ve come up with several blog posts in the past concerning, say, aquarium fish, then you can come up with nicely designed infographics summarizing the information.
    • You can also curate information contained in posts you’ve generated over time. You could come up with a new post containing links to all the articles you’ve written in the past, for example, to make it easier for your audience to find and share this particular content.
    • Some people and organizations are interested in statistics; they may need numbers for their own research, or they might just find them interesting. You may already generate internal figures for bookkeeping purposes or just to keep track of how things are going; why not re-purpose these figures into a post or infographic?

Now let’s look at stuff you can do to get other people to help you out without necessarily needing to pay them (or pay them too much for that matter).

    • Try to see if hiring freelancers works for you. It’s quite easy to find these writers; you can check out places like Elance, Problogger or oDesk. Sites such as these can already help you determine which freelancers are better than others through features that may be absent from competitors such as Craigslist.
    • Try to reach out to people who are expert in the topics you want to cover – for instance, locals who may already know the ins and outs of their local food markets, if that’s what you want to cover – and see if you can get them to contribute to your site on a per-need basis. (This is how guest blogging works, too, if said experts are already online and generating their own content.) This way, once you can bring these people into your network, you automatically also bring their own networks in as well.
    • It can also be good to try and drum up traffic, and thus build communities, by eliciting comments and reader submissions, such as reader-generated videos. Again, you can tie these in with promotions and dangle freebies, such as free movie tickets or free goodies or whatever you think will work well with your target audience.

Generating good content that serves as the cornerstone of a vibrant, lively community can be expensive, but as Orlando website design content writers and other authorities know, that doesn’t have to be the case. You can make use of these tips to build a community inexpensively yet effectively!


Credentials – About the Author:

Shalyn Dever  is the technical genius behind Florida Web Design , an Orlando SEO Company that have grown nationwide servicing B2B clients .  Their services include website and mobile design, internet marketing, and graphic design. You can reach Chris on Google+ , Twitter, and Facebook.

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