Why it’s worth paying extra to have a responsive website developed

As Florida web design experts and other website professionals know, responsive websites are those sites that have been optimized to provide visitors with an excellent viewing experience irrespective of the device they are using to view these websites.

True to the term, ‘responsive’ sites are dynamic; they change both their layout and appearance in response to the size of the screen they are being viewed on. For instance, they can be designed such that the text appears larger and is thus easier to read on little screens, and can be made easier to use as well – buttons, for example, can also be made larger or otherwise easier to press. Some responsive sites use one-column layouts when viewed on smaller screens, but switch to two columns when larger screens are used. Other sites can even change some colors in response to differing screen sizes.

responsive website

Recently, responsive web design has been growing in importance such that it is fast becoming one of the main considerations of Florida website design professionals and other website specialists. The reason for this is obvious: over the past few years, the number of devices people around the world use to access the World Wide Web has skyrocketed. In addition to the “usual devices” – laptops and desktops – smartphones and tablets are becoming ever more popular. As a matter of fact it’s not uncommon for people to own several of these devices and use them to access the net when mobile, for instance. This means that in order for these websites to continue to be usable no matter what device is used to view them, they need to be made responsive, and indeed many sites have been jumping on the bandwagon as of late.

Additionally, not only are there a rapidly growing number of devices which themselves have only become more “demanding”, their users have also begun to expect more from websites themselves. They want the same experience across all websites, no matter how the website is accessed or from where – they want the “same website”, in short.
In addition, nowadays, the variety and depth of what is available online means that should users be unsatisfied, they are quite likely to jump to a competing online service, or simply bypass a site less or ignore it altogether should it prove unsatisfactory.

The good thing about making one’s website responsive is that it does not have to entail significant effort or expenditure. For instance, free responsive WordPress themes can be downloaded from this site. Making use of these themes can drastically speed up one’s switch to a responsive website.

Those, therefore, who resist switching to responsive websites do so at their peril, most especially since there are some readily available and free tools that can make it easy to make one’s site responsive.

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Shalyn Dever  is the technical genius behind Florida Web Design , an Orlando SEO Company that have grown nationwide servicing B2B and B2C clients.  Their services include website and mobile design, internet marketing, and graphic design. You can reach Shalyn on Google+ , Twitter, and Facebook.

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