Basic Rules In Making Your Website SEO-friendly

seo friendly websitesExperts at Florida Website Design and other specialists should help clients clarify certain misconceptions regarding search engine optimization and what it can do for them. Most clients think that even with substandard layouts, poorly written content and a low level link building, good on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will compensate for it.  

Although these statements may not deviate far from the truth, effective SEO will create a great impact on a website. According to Orlando Website Design authorities and technical experts, there are ways on how to achieve this goal by following basic rules and standard SEO procedures. Without these rules and procedures, not even the best writer or the best link builder can get an optimized website.

To know more about what these basic rules and standard procedures are, here are a few examples:

  • Usually, there are several questions that need to be addressed which includes the site’s goal. What does the site attempt to achieve? Are there wants or needs that need to be addressed? We experts believe that the fundamental key to addressing a goal is to know its purpose. Does the site have a purpose – and can a potential customer, even one who may not have come to the website with the aim of buying anything, identify this need? Each site should show, plainly and clearly, that it could identify and satisfy a particular need/want/set. Do this and it would be easier to generate more visits and convert them into sales in the long run.


  • For the Orlando Website Design Team, questions on the site’s benefits matter. Does one’s site give visitors a reason to come back to it, even if they did not buy anything in the first place? What would be the reasons that drive people to a site for the first, second and even a third time?  To achieve this, one should ensure that all services are specified clearly, such as including detailed product descriptions and additional services to the site. This would eventually attract site visitors who would always want to return to the site, thus being loyal customers in the end.


  • Easy access and navigation is also important in generating enough visitors to a website. Is the site easy for potential customers to navigate and find what they want? Do they have to jump through hoops to get to where they want?What Florida Website Design experts suggest is to use a site map, which can help direct traffic to key pages of one’s website.


  • It pays to also ensure that the content on the site is unique, well written, fresh and intriguing. Informative, unique and up-to-date content is key to creating an effective SEO campaign. It is ultimately the quality of content that can make or break a website. Basic SEO rules indicate relevance, updated and original content will get one’s site on top of the search pages. However, poorly written, plagiarized content will be flagged and will eventually be discovered by search engines.

Before attempting to hire an Orlando Website Design and SEO expert, it would be beneficial to take note of the questions above and see if these required objectives have effectively been answered. While it would be helpful to ascertain these goals on your own, the guidance of an SEO expert would be very useful to make certain that the site achieves these objectives.



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