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With the emergence of Google’s Penguin update comes the unusual reaction of overwhelming emotions toward negative SEO bringing people to point the finger on it for misfortunes they had experienced from the decline of statistics to reasons that are otherwise out of proportion and sense. I am of no exception to such accusation which can even be logically correlated with my conviction toward aliens.

Such beliefs are quite bitter and discordant, yet one thing proves to be relevant. It is undeniable that negative SEO may be the root cause of all your clamor, which can be also proved from a number of cases, blaming it as the primary reason for a sudden drop in your site’s rankings does not seem to be appropriate. The post herein aims to loosen up your apprehension and assist you to discover if you belong to that almost negligible amount of people who witnessed that UFO.


What does negative SEO mean?

To better understand its meaning, in general, “negative SEO” is when someone attacks your website and posts anything that degrades it until you’ll be surprised with the dramatic plunge of your ratings. A number of examples can be found in Rand’s current video on negative SEO. As far as the Penguin update is concerned, such term boils down to mean that an individual exerts all the effort he/she can have to bring down your link profile through vast amount of negative content or black hat links.

If attempts to threaten your site happened to you already, such as DDos or SQL intrusion that may have changed your content or added disturbing links, attend to it sincerely and find solutions immediately.
With regards to attacks based on links, the answers may be dreadful than what you expect it to be. Finding solutions to these threats should be carefully studied so as not to waste time, money, and effort to something that’s not the core of the problem.


How does it manifest?

Negative things may occur to you, but it’s not enough reason to point a finger to something that’s not really the cause of the problem. Focusing on it will just drain all your endeavors that would just result to nothing.

Competitions are very inevitable, yet blaming them for all the troubles might be a wrong move. They may have done something, such as futile negative SEO by exploiting not-so-good people to create something that could pull down your site. Even though it may be perceived as detrimental, such effort is far from destroying your site entirely. Substantial negative SEO needs a great deal of collaborative undertaking and a good amount of knowledge.

If somebody is doing compelling attack, a great probability exists that you’ll notice questionable low-grade links arising from a diversity of domains. Having your site appear on a poor quality site does not mean that your site will be on the worst position at all. You just have to see the whole picture. Generally, you’ll notice abrupt spurt in these links. A fast-growing struggle at negative SEO does not happen in a long period of time but only in a matter of weeks. Having extensive poor-grade links would be enough to cause you an impending trouble.

There may be a variety of applications that can be utilized, but a handful proved to be sufficient for getting diverse perspectives of your link profile. Applying more than one is typically favorable.

The emergence of Bing Link Explorer compensates for the Yahoo! Link Exploder and appears to be assuring. But they require you to sign up for their webmaster tools. Tools such as SEOmoz and Majestic are of great help to trace documented statistics about your links. Remember that link counts can increase dramatically for a number of reasons. It’s not just looking the bouncing of numbers but also tracking a visible figure.

Although a sudden increase of derogatory links appear on your site, the effect of such aggression is frequently transient. Oftentimes, approaches are being used by people that are hastily eliminated. When these links are out of the picture already, the problem usually disappears too. Thanks to Google which can detect the attack and demean the links. However, working for hamony and equality does not seem to be effortless. There are innumerable attempts at negative SEO fail.


Are these people in any way belong to us?

Approximately 70-80% of the moment, someone approaches me and tells me they had observed a vast amount of poor-grade links to their site. Surprisingly, it was caused by someone in their team or someone they appointed. It’s not much of a problem if this is the case. At least you know that you can just do a work around and troubleshoot to solve the problem at hand. If you hire an external link-building firm, you should have a clear documentation on their processes because if they may cause you any trouble, then fire them.


Is Negative SEO preventable?

If somebody is indeed determined to wreak havoc to your site through exhausting a substantial amount of money, there’s a great chance that they can certainly destroy your site. Doing this is a waste of money and so is protecting your site in the best way possible through numerous defenses and supervising your links. A question now arises on how you can counteract the conventional schemes of attack.

Your best guard would be to have an orderly profile. Google is observing the thorough picture of the pattern and an account of the links. If you have a site that is well maintained with good-quality links, then they will have a difficulty in attacking you in a short time. Novel sites or those that have great number of poor-quality link building are more prone to this damage. It would then be too easy for your competitors to bring your site down.

The bottom line is optimized your site effectively. Negative SEO may be inevitable and can certainly destroy your site but it is still uncommon. In 99% of cases, SEO predicaments are self-imposed. It is then paramount to begin with what you can handle and monitor everyone and every aspect of your site. This is still the best way to preserve your site’s integrity.




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