Do you accept clients outside the Orlando / Florida Region?

Yes we do. We already have clients outside our local region, we have clients all over US that chooses to use our service because of our excellent support. We offer our services worldwide. Please look at our profile and check out our of state clients. This will prove to you that we do the same exact quality of work regardless where you are locate.


Where are you located?
Our main office is located at Orlando, FL and Melbourne, FL. We have designers all over the Central Florida region so we can accommodate all clients all over the area.  Please keep in mind that we also have clients outside the Central Florida region. We can travel to wherever you are, if you wish. 


I have an idea for a website but would like an NDA prior to discussion, do you have this form?
Absolutely, most of our work have an NDA agreement between our company and our customer / resellers. If you are more comfortable signing an NDA prior to a discussion, please download our NDA Form and email it back to 


What is the design turnaround time?
Logo design and basic website design takes roughly 2-3 weeks, depending on your package and complexity of your design, the schedules of our designers, and the rate at which we receive feedback from you. Your design coordinator will provide an accurate start and completion date for your project upon receipt of all documents. 


What do I need to do to start the design process?
Give us a call or fill out our contact form. Tell us what your needs are. If possible, we'd like to meet with you in person, after which we will prepare a proposal that spells out the specifics of your project and gives a timeline for completion and associated pricing.


Who will be my point of contract throughout the design process?
You will receive a design consultation and one-on-one interaction with one of our project managers who will manage your account. He/she will be your point of contact for any design questions, recommendations, etc...


What kinds of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa/MasterCard, Checks (locally), Money orders / Cashier's Check, and Wire Transfer. 


How much would a website design cost?
Because every website is different, we quote each project individually. Before beginning work with you, we will give you a written proposal that outlines all aspects of your project and associated costs. 


I already have an existing website, but it needs some update maybe re-design?
We can re-design or update your website for you. As soon as you tell us what you need to get done. We can take any of your ideas and turn them to a successful website. 


Who provides the content of the website?
You (customer) provides everything that you want on your website from text contents, pictures, etc. If you do not want the responsibility to do so, we can do everything for you. We can write/add to your content and put all the pictures that we think are necessary (all these for an extra cost). All of these, you will see as the design process is taking in place. 


Once the site is built, can I still make changes?
Yes. We encourage all our customers to update their website frequently. This is how customers gets attracted to your website. We can update them for you on a monthly fee basis or you can update them yourself if you want. 

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