Should I Invest in PPC or Organic SEO?


We at Florida Website Design believes that creative Internet marketing campaigns is fundamental to generate successful website sales. Getting people’s attention and learning what they want is a comprehensive Internet marketing campaign strategy that is required to rise above the competition. However, some marketing experts fail to employ the appropriate Internet marketing strategy for their site.

Additionally, these experts are torn between implementing two marketing strategies, which are Pay Per Click (PPC) or Organic Search Engine Optimization (Organic SEO). PPC is a marketing campaign that tries to get search engine users to click on ads (for which search engines get paid on a per-click basis). On the other hand, organic SEO involves webpage optimization to allow sites to show up in organic search-engine queries.

In a nutshell, both methods cannot claim superiority over the other at all times and under all conditions. While the two can certainly be advantageous to use, choosing between them necessitates considering one’s needs and budget. Florida Website Design and marketing experts identifies what one really needs and how much one is willing to invest in their marketing campaigns.

Firstly, let us take a look at instances where PPC campaigns are better than Organic SEO. Investing in PPC campaigns yield immediate benefits in the form of campaigns. PPC advertising enables one’s website link to appear prominently when searches are initiated using keywords to which a site is optimized for. One can enjoy immediate traffic from search engine users if and when one invests in a PPC campaign. However, those considering this type of investment need to remember that they will have to pay search engines every time users click on sponsored links. This can be very expensive, but if users want immediate results, PPC is the option for them.

Meanwhile, Organic SEO campaigns have significantly less cost implications for those who implement them versus PPC. Website owners who seek to optimize their sites for organic SEO do not need to pay search engines for clicks like those using the PPC campaigns. The costs of investing in organic SEO campaigns are only sustained during optimization. However, the downside of organic SEO is that these techniques can produce slower results than PPC. For the first few months of an SEO optimized site’s existence, one will not be able to observe the traffic generated from Google or other search engines. Website owners will need to wait the pages to start showing up in relevant search-engine results.

So the choice between PPC and organic SEO boils down to cost implications and immediacy of results – Orlando Website Design and marketing experts believe that these two can even complement each other. For instance, a website owner who invests in organic SEO can also employ PPC while he or she waits for his or her organic SEO campaigns to start becoming effective. The choice, as always, will depend on one’s plans, preferences and objectives. 

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