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Orlando, FL, USA, February 3, 2012- In an age where individuals absolutely depend on their hand-held devices, it’s not surprising that the use of applications to personalize one’s iPod and Android systems has captivated the industry.  Applications can vary from tools for managing finances to media streaming, and Florida Website Design has adapted their specialties for this growing market.


Florida Website Design, PR, and Consulting Firm is an Orlando Web Design and Marketing Company who offers services such as website development, graphic design, and online marketing. As a software development firm, they have expanded their pool of talent by hiring mobile applications developers who had been in the industry for years. Successfully, developing apps for their clientele, the Orlando Web Design Firm is also now offering mobile applications development for Apple iOS and Android platforms.


They can develop applications specifically customized to your company’s needs, and allow you to stay connected with your customers by implementing contemporary methods for on the go communication.  By answering just a few questions, you can receive your quote for an application which will allow you to have your own applications geared to your requirements.


To transform your idea into a practical program, the mobile developers at Florida Website Design have all the experience and portfolio to back up their quality and on time delivery work. Their “Information architects” outlines the necessary components of the application that the client desire and take into consideration things such as social media integration, multimedia usage, location awareness, and push notifications to make sure that the application will be functional and beneficial to your business.


After the information architects have developed the basic idea and needs, it is then passed on to the mobile interface designers to determine every interaction a person might have with the application.  While this is occurring, the developers are working hard to ensure that it will be compatible with Apple iOS and Google’s Android platforms.  Since they are developed for these common operating systems, they are easily accessible in the application markets for download.


With this expansion into application development, Florida Website Design, PR, and Consulting Firm is proving to be advancing with technological changes and will be able to offer the most advanced options for your business, which guarantees more customer outreach and satisfaction, while making your job more efficient.




For more information regarding mobile applications development and how it can optimize your company, please contact Florida Web Design at, or by calling (321) 293-4107.

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