Mobile Marketing – Do not ignore, Learn Why?

If your business has made it this far without giving into the concept of mobile marketing, take a minute to thank your lucky stars and then get with the program. Mobile usage has taken the world by storm, and the marketing industry is no exception. Here’s a quick eye-opener to make sure you’re awake for what follows: there are more people in the world who own mobile phones than people who own toothbrushes (Mobile Marketing Association Asia).

Did that get your attention? I know it did at our Orlando SEO team. The idea here is that virtually everyone uses mobile devices. What’s the best thing about marketing on mobile devices? People never, ever leave them out of reach. According to a Morgan Stanley report, 91% of all smartphone users have their mobile phone within arm’s reach 24 hours of the day.

So you get it now, right? Mobile marketing is very important. But what exactly is it? The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) defines it as “a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.” Boiled down, mobile marketing is simply communicating with potential customers via their portable devices.

By connecting with people on a device that is not only constantly being used by the consumer but also highly personal, mobile marketing is hyper-targeted and produces more immediate responses than any other method. According to the Mobile Marketer, 70% of all mobile searches result in action within one hour. To put that conversion rate into perspective for you, 70% of all online searches result in action within one month.

Another reason for the success of mobile marketing is the fact that it is entirely permission-based. You are only communicating with people who have opted in, and thus the message is much more welcome and has a higher chance for yielding response/action. In more traditional marketing methods, the message frequently interrupts the customer and in turn annoys them, which eliminates credibility.

For businesses focused on local markets such as brick-and-mortar stores, mobile marketing is absolutely essential. Location-based services detect the—you guessed it—location of the user and allow for messages and advertisements to be tailored to that local area. This is huge because it makes 100% of these ads relevant in some manner. There’s nothing like receiving a coupon for a restaurant while you’re shopping next door.

Your business may not be capable or ready to alter a large part of the budget to make room for a mobile marketing campaign. That’s fine. But there are certain steps that every business should take as soon as possible to at least establish a presence in the mobile world. A good starting point would be to create a mobile site or maybe a simple app that hosts the essentials from your main website. This can be as simple as adding a line of code to your current homepage that detects the screen size of the visitor to determine whether to send them to a mobile format or original page dimensions.

Another great way to get your foot in the door of mobile marketing is to develop a QR code for your business. A QR code is similar to a bar code. Once scanned by a smart phone, the QR code automatically takes the customer to a website that usually consists of specials, website deals, or even just the mobile homepage.

This is a very basic description of mobile marketing’s importance. Take a second to think about your own encounters with mobile marketing. Maybe an our mobile orlando seo team. Whether you’ve received text messages or emails, visited mobile sites or used mobile apps, there’s a solid chance that many companies have already reached out to you via mobile marketing. The results are proven, and the sooner your business adopts a mobile marketing campaign, the more you’ll be able to cash in on its potential.


Credentials – About the Author:

Samantha Mason  is the SEO and Social Media Guru for Florida Web Design , and Orlando SEO Company that have grown nationwide servicing B2B clients .  You can reach Samantha on Google+ , Twitter, and Facebook.

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