Nine Unnatural Link Building Methods and The Good Alternatives

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Have you ever noticed websites that had been banned or labeled as spam on the web? What about sites that used to be #1 and now # 20 or so? A big number of forums, directories, blogs, and websites had been shut down overtime and this phenomenon is mainly due to their unnatural practice of link building.

Many website design and SEO companies  today are performing link building methods that are unnatural, and for this reason, Google has decided to become stricter than before. Google had penalized sites for over-optimization and performing unnatural link campaigns. Below is a list of unnatural link-building methods that are prone to spam and low quality as provided by Google, along with their respective alternatives.

  • Keyword anchor-text only links – most people might include keywords that are not really relevant to their website just for the ranks. And of course, this is completely unnatural, as you are only trying to get attention to your site from people who are misled by your keywords. Let’s say you have a website about music or entertainment. If you include keywords that are not related to the site, then that is a form of unnatural link building.
    • The alternative way of getting over this is by combining branded and keyword anchor-text. By using branded anchor-text that links to your company, organization, or personal website, your site looks more natural and is less spammy in nature.


  • Buying links; – nothing sounds more unnatural than paying for links rather than earning them naturally.
    • The alternative is to search for websites that are relevant to your content and send them requests to link to your website. For example, if you have a site about pianos, you can send a request to a high-ranking website about musical instruments, where your content actually fits. Having high quality content is another great solution for your website to increase ranking through link building.


  • Blogroll and footer links; – This is very much common sense; anything that is at the top is more prioritized by visitors than those that are at the bottom. That means if your link is at the bottom, then it probably won’t catch too much exposure.
    • The solution is to use in-content links on your blog, which includes blog commenting, linking some of your website content (e.g. Videos and tutorials), and many more.


  • Easy-to-get directory links – There are automated directories in which you can advertise your website and listings. But if the link is put up very quickly , chances are it is an automated directory, which also incorporates links to adult sites, online pharmacies, casinos, and other sites you might not want to associate your business with.
    • The solution to this is to go for human-edited directories rather than automated ones. Sure, it might take a long time, but the quality is definitely worth it and there is a guarantee your site won’t be sitting next to porn sites.


  • Blog commenting for links – Some people who comment on blogs are only doing it for link-building, and at some point, their comment content seems unnatural and senseless. This is because most are generated by automatic commenting software on the web.
    • The alternative to this is by manually commenting with authority. Not only will you not sound spammy, but it will also create a more natural linking feel for visitors and crawlers.


  • Generic resource pages and link exchanges – These are websites that offer a link for your site in exchange for their site to be linked on yours. It can sometimes look unnatural because not all who engage in link exchanges are relevant sites. For example, what if a guitar website exchanged links with a culinary website?
    • The alternative to this is to find websites that are really related to your content. If you have a fast food restaurant, partner with sites that are related to food and beverages. Getting a good business partner isn’t always easy at first, but once you find a good one, it can be rewarding.


  • Spinning content to submit to article directories – nothing is more unnatural than article spinning just to get high ranks and increase advertising profit. Many websites nowadays are losing quality due to this.
    • The alternative is to create meaningful and original content, especially for blogs. There are many good online technical writers out there who are very creative and want to make your blog or website a high-ranking success so capitalize on their talent and avoid re-spinning articles.



  • Setting up social profiles for links – Some webmasters simply set up social networking profiles and let automated programs take over. This method is quite spammy in nature because you are losing true sales talk and letting a computer do the job.
    • The solution to this is is to use social networking naturally. Do not create multiple social network accounts if you cannot manage them manually. Pick a few that pertains to your business and be active and engaged with in. 


  • Bulk social bookmarking submissions – This is similar to the automated web directories, wherein there is little or no human moderation. There’s a good chance your site will sit next to sensored and unreputable websites. Bulk submitting your link to many networks also is a NO NO.
    • The alternative to this is to choose the right social bookmarking sites that you can definitely trust. Find one that is related to your website’s content, or you can even try building relationships with different users so they can advertise your link.


In conclusion, there is no reason to practice unnatural link building campaigns. These are loop-holes and tactics that used to work back in 2008-2011 but as Google algorithm had matured, internet marketers who believes that quality over quantity is still the key to success to top ranking is a big hazard to your business. 


About the Author:

Chris Sanchez is a content writer and SEO specialist for Florida Website Design and Orlando SEO. Chris is an avid fan of technology and electronic gadgets. He loves to write anything that covers technology, SEO, and website design.

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