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What makes a blog post a good enough or great? The team here are Florida Website Design, LLC believes that content is always king, so in a nutshell, in order to make every blog post awesome and most shareable, it’s no less than vital to craft industry-leading content – yes, in each and every post, and as much as you can.

Since that’s a bit too general, here are some tips, gleaned from our own experts and top bloggers, to help the less-experienced bloggers compose exemplary blog posts – even those who don’t think they are writers.


  •  The rule of thumb is to work to excel, especially if you’re writing content on topics in which most other writers are doing poorly. In such an environment, simply by coming up with posts that are no more than decent, you would automatically stand out among your peers. However, you would certainly run into problems, if one of your contemporaries manages to significantly improve the quality of his or her writing, or if a very good writer comes up and outshines everyone, yourself included – which is why it is best to aim for excellence from the outset. Do your research well and be creative. 
  • When writing, you can’t always hope to stand out through writing just anything you feel like. It’s best aim and take on a problem-solving slant and focus on actual issues. Additionally, we also recommend that you should be cautious in approaching said issues from the same tired old angle that most other online writers are using. Tackle them from a different angle that other writers may not have thought of. This will help you try to propose well-thought-out solutions to these problems, which will further set you apart from other writers.


  • Offer content that can really make a big difference. We spoke about actually proposing problems to problems; here we propose some ways as to how you can do so.
    • If you have any expertise in information technology, consider writing step-by-step tutorials to share your knowledge with people who could really use your know-how. Tutorials need to be succinct or straight to the point and written in a simple and clear language.
    • You could also write in-depth informative articles concerning important issues. In these articles, writers present their own or others’ ideas or ‘takes’ concerning these issues, and conduct good research and/or other ways of obtaining data in order to back up their own or others’ assertions.
    • Interviews are excellent ways of picking up key information firsthand – information that other writers may not themselves have gained access to. Also, conducting interviews can also help burnish your own credibility and reputation.
  • In the previous steps, we discussed standing out from the crowd in terms of content; you also need to stand out in terms of how you present that content. You may not always be able to write informally, depending on your topic of choice, but you have to give your writing, your own flavor. Give it your own personality and character of its own in order to be memorable. But don’t just be different for the sake of being different; be original, but always remember to be yourself.





 About the Author:

Michele Barker is a senior content writer for Orlando Florida Website Design and SEO located in Downtown Orlando. You can get her latest updates from the company facebook, twitter, linkedin, and Google Plus. 

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