Tweetdeck vs. Hootsuite 2012 Outlook


Social media and networking sites like Twitter and Facebook have gone from being desktop to mobile routines around the planet. And of course, you need a mobile app to be able to do just that at the comfort of your device.

Currently, Tweetdeck and Hootsuite are the leading Android and IOs app brands when it comes to using these social networking sites with convenience. So which one of them exceeds the other? Let’s take a look at their specs:




  • PROS:
    • You can update all sorts of networking sites in a single window, compared to Hootsuite which uses separate tabs.
    • Can retweet.
    • Tweetdeck has an automatic tool for shortening URLs as you type them in your update(s). In Hootsuite, you have to enter it manually on a different field to shorten it.
    • The said mobile app also has a variety of URL shorteners to choose from, compared to which is the only one being used by Hootsuite.
    • Simultaneous updating for many websites.
    • You can choose from three Twitter photo services to upload your photos.
    • Tweetdeck offers Google Buzz.
    • Has versions for desktop (PC and Mac), Smartphones and Tablets.
  • CONS:
    • You can only reply to one Twitter user at a time.
    • It doesn’t shorten URLs right away and doesn’t complete mentions in Twitter, hence making it hard to determine if you have reached the 140-character limit.
    • If you want to make scheduled updates (for your statuses, tweets, etc.), you need to create a Tweetdeck account, whereas Hootsuite’s version is already there and even has more edge, such as bulk updating.
    • Its desktop counterpart is an Adobe Air app, which means it can cost a lot of CPU and resources.
    • Notifications can pop-up annoyingly.



  • PROS:
    • Hootsuite has a “Reply All” button, allowing you to reply to multiple users on Twitter.
    • Can retweet.
    • Simultaneous updating for many websites.
    • You can schedule updates (for statuses, tweets, etc.) without having to make an account (unlike in Tweetdeck). Also, you can do scheduled bulk updating for many social networking sites with this Hootsuite feature.
    • If you have multiple fan pages, you can manage them easily by creating different tabs for each page.
    • Pop-up notifications do not appear successively, compared to Tweetdeck.
    • Hootsuite is a browser-based app, making it fast and versatile when it comes to resources.
    • Hootsuite can also work with Google Analytics for monitoring site statistics and traffic.
    • There is also an option to add team members to a certain page, such as an organization or company’s fan page.
    • Hootsuite also offers WordPress and
  • CONS:
    • Only has one URL shortener,
    • Does not integrate all networking sites in one window, unlike Tweetdeck. Instead, you get separate tabs for different websites.
    • Has no desktop (PC) version. Only have versions for Mac, Tablets and Smartphones.


If we look at the list above and compare the number of pros and cons, we can see that Hootsuite takes the cake, with more pros and less cons than Tweetdeck. However, customer satisfaction still depends upon the customers themselves, and these are just observations. Who knows, maybe in the future new companies will emerge victorious over these social media apps.



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