Wondering How Much SEO Agencies and Consultants Charge? Here Are Some Answers

Many in the search industry have been wondering about how SEO agencies and consultants stack up against each other in terms of how much they charge for their services. A recent survey by SEOmoz has shed some light on some of this information.

This survey is of course limited by the fact that participation in said survey was voluntary and that, consequently, not all consultants and agencies shared their pricing information. However, enough of them did participate in the survey that the resulting sample was large enough to be considered a good snapshot of the industry as a whole.

Over 600 of the agencies and consultants contacted to participate in the survey, but only those regions or areas where enough responses were received to be statistically significant, that is, more than ten responses per region, were included in the survey results so as not to skew the results of said survey. The bulk of the respondents (287) hailed from the United States, whereas the least number considered (28) came from New Zealand and Australia. Only one developing region – India – is represented in the survey as not enough SEO consultants and agencies from other regions answered the survey.

The results of the survey are summarized  in the following infographic core of AYTM Market Research



seo services



seo services agency 



seo services provided




seo monthly retainer






Here are some of our takeaways given this key data.

1. In every respondent region save for India, individual SEO consultants and/or firms with less than six employees constitute the bulk of the respondents. (In India, the majority of respondents employ 11-25 employees.) Most respondents from India agencies showed that the usual monthly retainer is from $250 – $500 / month and second to be $500 – $750 / month (the least expensive retainer fee in all 6 countries).

2. Within the US, most agency retainer fees are in the average of $2,500 – $5000 / month. A decent number of agencies will go as low as $750 – $1,000 per month due to low competition keywords.

3. Additionally, the bulk of the respondents had been offering SEO services from one to four years. A significant number, however, said that they had been in the industry for 10 to 15 years.

4. In the US, the UK, Germany + France + Italy + the Netherlands and India, small and medium enterprises dominate the client mix; in Canada, small and regional businesses are in the majority (albeit barely); and in Australia + New Zealand small and hyperlocal businesses such as retail stores and restaurants constitute the bulk of SEO experts’ clientele.

5. While hourly SEO rates varied (in some cases wildly) across the range of respondents, the bulk of respondents charge from $76 to $200 an hour for their SEO services. (It’s perhaps little surprise that in India, the only developing region represented in the survey, the vast majority of respondents said that they charge less than $25 an hour, with the remainder charging either from $76-$100 or from $101-$150.)

6. Many respondents offer project-based pricing, with most charging no more than $7,500 per project. Only some respondents from India said that they charged under $2,00 per project, and a very few respondents from the USA claimed to charge over $100,000 – $250,000 per project.

Those who would like a closer look at the raw figures from the survey data can download an Excel file with responses grouped according to regions here, as well as an unedited summary of all respondents’ answers here.


About the Author:

Shalyn Dever  is the technical genius behind Florida Web Design , an Orlando SEO Company that has grown nationwide servicing B2B and B2C clients.  Their services include website and mobile design, internet marketing, and graphic design. You can reach Shalyn on Google+ , Twitter, and Facebook.



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